Happy 14th Gotcha Day Emily 

May 13th, 2015

You make me smile. You make me cry. You make me laugh out loud, a lot. You and Momma giggling like school girls makes me smile. Your a beautiful soul inside and out (I’m not afraid to go back to prison). 

The drive that you have to live life to its fullest is amazing. Your leadership skills and ability to light up and command a room are incredible! Who knew that the scared toddler we met for the first time 14 years ago today would be so amazing?! Watching you blossom this year has been fun to witness. I know that our God has big plans and a great purpose for you Emily. Keep growing forward into that person he made you to be. 

Momma and I love you and are so Blessed that we are your parents. We are very proud of the young woman you are becoming.