Do More than EXIST

Do More than EXIST

March 30th, 2015

It’s been said that “to live is the rarest thing in the world most people just exist.”  I love this quote but I find it very sad. I guess your opinion of it depends on your definition of the word live.  In my opinion, waking up, going to work, coming home, and doing it over and over and over is not being alive.  

To me being alive is all about taking steps every day to make me myself a better person, to growing into that person that God created me to be, pushing the limits, having fun, laughing, helping other people, living in the moment and enjoying the moment, being loved and loving others, striving to find the purpose for my life, and setting an example for my family.  Living would require us to Reach, Stretch and Grow daily, God gives us these opportunities to do all of these on a daily basis. Have you seen them?  If you haven’t seen them, maybe your ‘center’ is off balance(you aren’t really the center, sorry but you’re not). They are all around us, these opportunities to grow and LIVE.

You see, I believe that we ‘get’ out of life what we ‘give’ in life. So I might suggest that if you fit into that “just exist” category that you need to give more. Giving more does not mean give more money. When I say ‘give’, I mean give more of yourself and your soul.

Give more energy into being fully alive. Give more energy into finding something positive in every moment of the day.  Give more energy to help others because helping them will lift you. You will figure it output if you open your mind and listen. The opportunity to wake up and live is there, if you want it.

God gave us potential, free thinking and He made us to thrive.  Stop the ‘existence’ and start ‘living’ to your potential. You were made for so much more.




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