Transformed Inside Out

February 18, 2015

Transformed Inside Out has become my way of thinking and my angle of “attack” when a soul is lead to ask me for help. There is so much I could say about this and the success we are having is remarkable and I’m honored to be a part of the process.

It’s said that weight loss is a mental challenge, to which I fully agree, the hardest part is between the ears. This is the hard truth that can hit hard as you work the process. Facing these issues that come up between the ears will either drive a person to success or drive them to give up. For example, sometimes a person doesn’t even realize that maybe we are an emotional eater. This can knock a person to their knees sometimes. I’ve seen people come to that fact, actually hear them say it, and watch them turn and walk away. Why? Because they aren’t willing to process it and find the triggers or understand how they got to that point. This is just one example of what might come up between the ears.

I’ll also throw out there an example that seems fairly common is a death of somebody close to you. I know I know, you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind at this point. I’m telling you that I’ve mentored more than one person who is still standing at the casket filled with loss, regret, pain, anger, frustration, feeling of being lost, not knowing how to move forward. These are only a few examples, but I’ve seen it. If I’m honest, I did it when I lost my Momma. Standing at the grave without any hope of moving past that is so overwhelming and almost tormenting to a soul. Does that affect a persons weight and life as a whole, you bet it does. The 5 stages of grief must be faced head on so you can gain acceptance and grow forward.

So yeah, I’ll absolutely say that it’s not always a foodie issue that causes weight issues. I had one person say to me “I’m sad because of my weight.” To that I said, “maybe your weight is higher because you are sad.” The cause of the sadness, the issue or whatever doesn’t matter, it’s all an issue on the inside of the soul that can hold every single aspect of your life in bondage.

I’m not a professional, but my experiences have taught me that something in their past is usually the root issue. If we are able to find that root issue and process it to the point of acceptance, we have much greater chance of success. Working through that issue, processing it all the way out to acceptance is a big part of being Transformed Inside out.



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