How is that New Years resolution going?

January 24th, 2015

It’s been said that the most common New Years resolution is to lose weight. To me, this is awesome news. We are the largest country in the world in every single form, how sad is that?! YET, of all the people who make that resolution, only 8% will actually follow through!! That means that 92% fail, give up or whatever, seriously?!?!

Do you want to know why most of that 92% of people fail? It’s because they don’t understand the change required for success. Going on a diet doesn’t work people. Buying a bottle of pills doesn’t work either. Are we seriously that shallow to think its that simple? Oh sure, don’t get me wrong. You can go drop 15-20 pounds quickly with a crash diet or bottle of pills. How many people keep that weight off with lasting success?

Let’s start with taking an honest inventory of ourselves. How did you get into the situation you are in? It didn’t happen overnight did it? What are the underlying issues that are causing you to overeat or causing you to just flat out not care? Self inventory can be hard, but this is something I believe to be crucial for long term success. There are solutions to the underlying issues, you simply have to be willing to work in them. Willing to work on YOU because you are worth it.

Weight loss is not rocket science at all. It’s not all that difficult, it’s hard work, but the principle isn’t rocket science. Eat better/move more/do it every day! That is the basic principle for weight loss, right. It’s as clear as that really. Here is what I’ve grown to believe is the absolute key ingredient that so many miss. You have to CHANGE in order to have lasting success. You have to break up with old habits. They are serving no valued purpose in your life so CHANGE them. They must go away, not for a week, not until you drop x number of pounds. Nope, you have to put them away forever. You must Change the habits. CHANGE is the key ingredient here.



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