I am an ultra-marathoner and TODAY is the day I start over

January 15th, 2015


I am an ultra-marathoner and today is the day I start over.

Let me explain. I ran two marathons and an ultra marathon, several half marathons and and a few others in the first four months of 2014……THEN it started…..

I was injured in a cycling accident on August 2nd causing a massive concussion.  That took 12 weeks for recovery.  I started training again after 12 week of nothing and started the climb back to my peek fitness.  Then in November I had a freak issue with my back that has had me down since then.

6 months……..almost 6 full months of not being active was NOT my idea of a good time. 🙂


I got out the door for a test run to see how my back would hold up.  I’m pleased to report that my back had very minimal pain.  My legs were screaming at me because every muscle hurt.  I think I heard my lungs calling me things they shouldn’t say as they had forgotten what we were doing.  Then there was my heart, about to pound out of the cage that keeps it contained. It felt like I did when I first started running.  YEP – today’s run sucked, but oh man it was so good!  But you know what, it was a run and that’s all that mattered to me.

So TODAY is DAY ONE……again.  🙂

I am very humbled by today’s run and I my heart is full of gratitude because I have the ability to run.

I have a long road ahead to get back to my peek fitness level, I welcome that challenge with open arms!!




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