Live What You Are

Doing my personal development tonight and read this:

Don’t just advocate and argue for what you value. Live it. Don’t just wish for and talk about your dreams. Live them. Devote each individual moment of your life to what you sincerely care about. You are overflowing with amazing possibilities. Today, and every day, live what you are. -Ralph Marston

Well that couldn’t have hit the nail in the head any better. I do try to live my passion every day. I spoke to my church this morning sharing my story and how I’ve been transformed from the inside out. I don’t mind saying I broke down several times. I’ve told the story many times without the tears. Today, the passion was evident in my emotions. I will keep doing what I do for people who need it. Need someone as a mentor to help them transform their own lives. So, I agree with Mr Marston when he said “today and every day, live what you are.”

I will live what I am. I am a man who has a passion for helping people take their life back!



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