The struggle is real

This hit me in the mouth a few days ago.


Not gonna lie, I’m struggling with my come back. I’m slow, my lungs hate me, my legs have atrophied, And yes, I’m having trouble holding myself accountable to get out the door. When I walk with Art, not a problem. When I go for a solo run, I have issues. Not like me, I know. But I’ve been completely honest about my journey this far, why stop now. It’s part of me and part of my story.

Yes, we all struggle at some point. The difference is that I’m still doing it and I will keep doing it! I won’t give up because I love that runners high. I love the feeling I get after a run. I love everything about it.

So there you go. Being as honest and real as I know how to be.
I will be fine.
I didn’t post this for sympathy.
I posted this to keep it real.

I did not come THIS far to only come this far!’