What’s your biggest struggle with weight loss

I saw this question posted on FB recently:
What’s your biggest struggle with weight loss

Naturally I had to respond.

Here was my first response to the question:

That’s the single hardest aspect of a life change. I mean, it is more about life change than weight loss, right? I didn’t realize that when I started my journey, but I learned it on the road(literally) Yes, I originally set out to lose weight, which I did and I gained a life I didn’t know existed for me. I had to CHANGE everything about me to get where I am inside and out and I’m so glad I did.

When we change the mindset from losing weight……to changing our lives. Changing our habits. Changing our nutritional choices. Changing our level of activity. It all makes more sense at that point. It’s not about a quick fix, that doesn’t exist, never has, never will. We can’t keep doing the same ole thing and expect new results. Isn’t that the definition of insanity according to Einstein? We must change something if we want to get different results. I don’t mean change for a week. I mean change forever, I’m talking about real change.

So yeah. I guess what I’m saying is that I believe most people(and I talk to several a week) have the biggest issue with change.

So slept on it and had more to say the following morning. That response is below:

I had another thought and after looking at the other responses it fits perfectly.

I wrote a blog after I hit the 100 pounds lost mark where I listed 100 things about losing 100 pounds. (Completely natural btw, no surgery). One of the largest issues I dealt with and it was on my list was this: 99% of weight loss issues happen between the ears!!!

People. It’s not really about weight loss. Yes that is your goal. But when it comes right down to it, it’s about something else. It’s about an addiction you can’t let go of. Or a crutch you will mourn if you let it go. Or it’s about feeding an emotion you don’t want to deal with. Or ….. I could go on and on. I’ve spoken with hundreds of folks around the globe about it. If the head isn’t in the right place, nothing will ever work. There are no powders, potions or pills that can assist with the “change” I spoke about above. I’ll agree that there may be short term results from these “quick fix” gimmicks. But I believe that unless the habits changed, it’s all temporary. Heck, I’m going out on a limb here and I know it, but….. I’ve even seen people who have had weightless surgery gain most of the weight back, because their head wasn’t in the right place.

99% of weight loss issues are between the ears. I believe that if a person does not deal with the emotions, the food addictions, or whatever success will be limited. I realize that everybody is different and there are different methods to the process. I do believe this is crucial for each person to deal with these issues as they come up. Learn your triggers that cause over eating, then learn how to redirect that energy to something else.

Don’t over think the process, weight loss is not rocket science. Just learn from it as you grow forward into your weight loss journey. (End of comments)

So based on my comments, these are probably the top two items I feel people deal with during weight loss. I know everybody is different and the results and struggles will vary. Please also know this is my opinion based on the hundreds of people I’ve worked with or spoken to about their journey.


Thought of the day: 10.15.2014 Courage

Each of you has great courage within you. Use it

Having courage does not mean that you don’t get frightened or intimidated. Having courage means you have the ability to face the fear and ultimately conquer it.

It’s ok to feel fear, that fear will help the courage come out of you, if you will let it.

Fear is a completely natural part of life. Courage is an amazing byproduct of that fear. Sometimes we need a little fear to awaken the courageous warrior within.

After the courage is awake. Put it to use.


Thought of the day: 10.15.2014 the Season you’re in

The “season” you’re in is what it is. Not every day will be blue skies and rainbows. You’re perspective on that season can be anything you choose to make it.

You will see/hear/react to the season however you wish. Your journey through the season will be exactly as you set it up, based on your perspective.

You have a choice. Either you see and dwell on the negative, or you focus on the positive and stand out in the crowd.

Focusing on the positive can be difficult at times. The “season” may be dark and positive hard to see. Focus on it. Dwell on it. Find the positive and grow forward. The rewards are yours to take.

The “season” you’re in can be as good or bad as you choose to make it. Living with a positive perspective will present you with many rewards.

Go on and get busy reaping those rewards.

Thought for the day. 10.14.2014

Thought of the day:
Stop acting as if you are trying to impress everybody.

Just BE impressive.

Simply being who you really are and being comfortable with that should be enough.

So stop putting energy into something that isn’t authentic or real, just BE who you are.

Put your energy and time into the best investment you can make, the authentic you!

There is real value and worth in that investment.