Kicking May to the curb

If you know me and know my journey, you know I put it all out there. I’m not even gonna lie, May was a tough month for me. I injured my foot during the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and that sidelined me several weeks. Just as I was ready to take off running again, I got really sick for a full week.

There were other things that happened and those are what I want to share today.

I was reminded how easy it is to fall right back into mindless eating. Yep, I’m guilty as charged. I found myself eating empty calories, food that was just food, no nutritional value for my body. No means of fueling my body, just filling my body. Mindless eating and empty calories get kicked to the curb with as May makes its exit.

I was reminded that my journey is mine, period. Regardless of how many I help. Regardless of how many others I lift up. My journey is mine and nobody can ever take that from me, regardless of how hard they try.

I was reminded that injury will/does happen to all of us. This reminded me that if I am really going to attempt to inspire and lead others, I must share and be open about that. Showing others that I am human is important.

I was reminded that I must pack my lunch for work, every single day. I must be in control of the fuel that goes in my body, period. Eating empty calories and spending money on lunch that I didn’t need to spend ends as May makes its exit.

I learned that I stress over things I can’t control, which causes anxiety. I’ll leave that at just that for now.

I was reminded of the love and support I have at home. I changed my life for my family, to be with my family. It’s not about how many races I can run. It’s about being here for them. Without their support this wouldn’t be worth it.

All in all, May was a tough month. We all have them, whether we are willing to admit we have them is a different story. I have made the choice to learn from these experiences and share them with you.

Good riddance May 2014!


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