Why do I get involved in peoples lives…

I recently had a friend ask me “Jerome, why do you get involved in people’s lives?”   I enjoy creating relationships that MEAN something, relationships that go a little deeper than the surface.  What you see below is exactly WHY I get involved in people’s lives!!

I received this message today:

“Hey bro. I have been home all day with the flu. Been watching Facebook when I wake up every now and again. I saw a post you made and. I checked out your story on warrior4health. Amazing and inspiring. Brother I have been struggling with this weight issue most of my life and I read some things that you wrote and they hit me right in the gut. I am in the place where I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I do well for a week or two then I fall in the black hole of stressful emotional eating only to come out feeling bad about my poor choices. Brother Thank you for the inspiration. Today is my day for life change. Know that when I say that I feel different about it. I am convinced that God is going to see me through to lose weight. My goal right now is to be consistent in exercise and food choices,. Recording everything going for 1000 to 1200 calories a day. Giving up all that is unhealthy until I can trust myself. Thank you for that. Bro. Jerome please pray for me. I want to be a success story and not a statistic. My wife deserves better, my children deserve better, my students deserve better. But more importantly I deserve to be fit and healthy. From fat to fit here we go! Thank you friend and fellow warrior.”

I’ve been building this relationship for several months, growing together, sharing stories and ideas.  I’ve been talking to him since he sent me this message today and guess what, I believe he’s READY for the change!!!

Seriously brought me to tears.


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