Word of the Year

Happy New Year everybody!

Seems odd to be saying 2014 already, but it’s true right.  2013 has come and gone like a whirlwind. There is always lots of talk about resolutions about this time of year, maybe you’ve even set a resolution or two for the new year.  If you’ve done that, I wish you all the power in the world to accomplish that resolution, whatever it takes!!

I am one who does not set resolutions.  This year I am trying something new however, I am selecting ONE WORD and I will focus on that word all year.  I will study more and more about that word and see what it REALLY means to live by this word.

My word this year and I have a history together really.  I was having some life issues several years ago.  I was at church on a Wednesday evening and listening to my friend Joe give his testimony. Part of what he spoke about came from Matthew 14: 27.  One specific word jumped out at me that day, there are only about 14 words in that piece of scripture, but the word COURAGE jumped about and took hold of me, I even had the word tattooed on my wrist.

This year, I will attempt to live with COURAGE in everything I do.  What will this look like is a very good question, but i can’t wait to see what happens.

Hang round and follow the fun – I will be blogging about my experiences with what it means for me to live with COURAGE!



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