Be Still…..

Today I was reminded again how much I love to run.

Today is National Running Day, of course I had to run this morning. I ran with my music low and only one ear piece in. Hearing the birds sing. Hearing the crickets. The occasional car. Feeling my heart beat. Wiping the sweat from my eyes. Firing my glutes to push up the hills. Simply feeling alive was amazing

Two songs stood out during the run. The first was What Faith Can Do. An amazing song that really speaks to my heart in many ways. If I’m being honest, I fought back a tear or two as I listened to the words. The other song was Be Still and know the He is God. This was my finishing song and brought such a peace over me. I love it when a training run turns into something special.

This is why I run
I run for my life
I run for my family
I run for my health
I run for the endorphins I get
I run for the training. Training my mind and body
I run because I thrive on the training
I run because it helps my discipline
I run because it drives me
I run for me

Yes….I love to run

Sometimes being “still” means we go for a nice run…..

Happy national running day


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