Ultimate Reset Day 12

Day 12 of the Ultimate Reset and I am reminded of an important lesson.

I’ve known this and my wife gets full credit for the fact that I’ve known it and try to live by it the last few years.  That lesson would be:


I’ve blogged about it before, some of you have probably heard me say it in person and it’s true.  We MUST live with INTENTION!  I’ve heard Andy Andrews say this and I’ve read it in his books.  Everything we do MATTERS, so let’s live like it matters.
Live Intentionally

The lesson I’ve learned so far with the Ultimate Reset is PLANNING with intention.  Specifically planning our meals.  Planning the week ahead so we can get the meal prep done we need to get done and have time to get other stuff done as well wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t intentional about getting it done.

Being INTENTIONAL about what we’re doing and HOW we use our time is important.

Do you live with INTENTION?


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