2013 Fairview Half Marathon – #3 for the year

April 6th, 2013
Fariview, TX
Fairview Half Marathon

I registered for this race quite some time ago because I love the group that puts these races on.  They put on a very good race and limit the number of entries to a smaller amount, yet is has the feel of a major event. 

There was a facebook group for this race and they kept us up to date like none other.  That was super cool to follow, I mean, we even got to see the port-a-pots being placed on the course….I had a plan!  (but didn’t have to use it this race….woot!)

This race was all about the miles of smiles.  There was no pressure for time, except to have a good time, nothing more.  This was my third half marathon of 2013, and actually my third half in two weeks.  The night before the race, we had my traditional pasta dinner to ‘carb up’.  After dinner, I packed my stuff and was off to bed by 9pm.

4am alarm is normal for me and today was no different.  I was rested and felt pretty good.  I took care of business, did some rolling while I watched some Duck Dynasty and was out the door by 5am.  I had about an hour long drive to Fairview.

I had zero traffic, which was nice, but that’s only because it was so early.  I met my friend Nancy Howard who had my race packet and we chatted it up for a while before heading to the starting line to get ready.

The temperature was about 56 degrees, but the wind made it much colder.  We were all hiding form the wind in the City Hall building here the race started.  I love having conversations with other runners and hearing their stories before a race, it’s sort of like hearing fishing stories.  J  Start time was 7:30am and we got started right on time.  I had decided to run with the 2:05 pace group.  I’ve never done this, but I wanted to give it a try today and see how it would go.  I’ve followed pace groups, but never actually started and stayed with a group, so this would be a different experience.

I always take a pre-race pic

Off we go……

Miles 1-3 were 9:19, 9:12 and 9:05.  Feeling really good and making good conversation with those running in the group.  We started at the city hall and headed to the country side.

Miles 4-6 were 9:26, 8:54 and 9:22 This part of the race ran through a very nice subdivision.  It was beautiful. There were huge homes, creeks, trees and  beauty all around.

Miles 7-9 were 9:27, 9:31 and 9:45.  I think there was a hill at mile 9, and I don’t like hills, at all.  Lol  I had walked through a water stop, as I always do and I lost the pace group for a little bit.  Don’t fret, I caught them though.

Miles 10-12 were 9:18, 9:11 and 9:23.  Clearly I was feeling OK at this point and ready to finish with the group.  The group had shrank a lot, with really only me and the pacers left at this point.  Two of the group ran ahead and the rest fell behind.  At mile 12, Claudia looks at me and said, if you feel ok, run, go ahead!  So I did….sort of.  LOL

Mile 13- end were 8:51 and 10:04.  The wind was horrible all day long and just worse as time went on.  I would say that the wind was worse than the hills for me today.

I did finish in 2:04:30 officially.  I was the 199 M to cross the finish line and the 21st male in my age group.

I have decided that this was officially my toughest half marathon to date.  Between this hills, which I admit that I don’t run well and the wind, it was a tough day!  I felt good, I felt comfortable at the pace I ran, just a tough day with the wind and hills.

These are the ladies that paced the 2:05 group.  Claudia on the left and Blanca on the right(as you look at the picture).  Claudia is running Boston soon and her fastest marathon to date is 3:29.  I’m impressed!

I think this was my favorite bling to date

The t-shirt was also very cool

My lil runner friend Nancy, we’ve ran several of the same races and it’s always a joy to see her
This link is an actual video of the course.  Can’t really get a feel for the hills, but it’s very cool to watch.  IT does require the Google Earth plug in though.


This link is my Garmin stats

I posted on Facebook asking everybody what their favorite sign was that they’ve seen during a race.  The answers are a varied as we are in number, which is what I expected.  For me….my favorite sign I saw during this have said this:

I guess I need to tattoo Strength on my left wrist to match the Courage tat on my right.  🙂


3 thoughts on “2013 Fairview Half Marathon – #3 for the year

  1. Your time is awesome! I have run one half marathon (in 2:23:22) and I hope to do better this year when I run it again in the fall. 🙂 The medal is really cool looking. I think that would be an awesome tattoo. I have though myself about getting a tattoo related to my weight loss and/or running.

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