Fool’s race – Half Marathon

March 29th, 2013
Cedar Hill, TX
The Fool’s Race

I was looking for an addition race to run in April as a training run.  I’ve really learned to enjoy virtual races just for the convenience sake.  I can run WHEN I want, WHERE I want….and still collect ‘da bling’.

What are virtual races you might ask, well, they are exactly what I just said.  These race give you the opportunity to support a great cause, such as this race.  The beauty of these races is that they are usually cheaper and typically give you two weeks or so to complete the race.  My whole family did a half marathon at the end of 2012, the girls and my wife did it one mile a day to get it all done.  GREAT way to get the family involved.

I found this race and thought it was a great cause!

Friday March 29th, I got my race packet in the mail.  I was excited to finally get this since I’d registered months before.  I ripped it open and found a really cool t-shirt, medal and a GU.  I was going to go for a run anyway so I thought what the heck, let’s run this half marathon right here, right now!  So I did……on the treadmill!  I can hear the moans from here, LOL.  I don’t do that distance on the treadmill often, but I do like to prove to myself that mentally I can do it.  It’s tough to run 13.1 miles in the garage while staring at the red dot on the ladder hanging on the wall.  I do it and I do it often!

I ran this race in intervals.  Starting at 9:31 per mile for a mile, then to 8:49 for a mile.  Back and forth for several miles.  Then 8:49 for two miles around 5.5-6.5 or so.  Then interval all over the place.

I finished in2:01:32 with an average pace of 9:14 per mile.  I’ll TAKE IT!!  Did I mention this was my second half marathon in 5 days?


I didn’t really wear the bib.



Second half marathon of 2013 – a huge success!



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