2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Recap

March 24th, 2013
Dallas Texas
Rock –n- Roll Series

I’ll start by saying that I LOVE the half marathon distance. Ok, now that that is out of my system, I can more on with this blog. 🙂

I hadn’t been training in the running department as much as normal since the first of the year. My wife and I had been doing Les Mills Combat since the first of the year. That is a great program that developed some monster like legs and toned my arms, but really didn’t do much for the ole running legs. I’d kept about an 8-9 mile base long run on the weekends so I felt OK going into the race weekend.

Race weekend came and the whole family went to the Expo Saturday morning and had a great time! We came out of that place with three bags full of free stuff. LOL. Most of it was a new brand of chips that are quite amazing really, I’d tell you what they were called if I could remember. I looked at new Garmin’s and should have bought one, OH WELL! The girls got free stuff as well as some head bands and such they wanted. I got a new waist pocket called iFit to carry my second phone in when I run. I think I like that more than my arm band now, wish I’d have gotten the iFit with two pockets, again…OH WELL. Lol Probably the best part of the Expo was seeing friends! Many Love is like alittle sister to me and I’d not seen her in a while. It was great to see her, hug her neck and catch up for a little while.

Please don’t hold the OSU tshirt against her. Lol
I also got to see Audrey for a few minutes. She just happened to be in town for a convention that was in the same building as the expo! Audrey and I grew up in the same town and she’s now one of the BeachBody coaches I work with.

I also got to see Mimi and Kevin and their daughter Courtney. Fun times to say the least!
I spent the evening with Sydney(my daughter) after we had some pasta for dinner then off to bed around 9pm. As usual, I didn’t sleep much that night. I still get nervous! I suppose it’s excitement, wonder, worry, fear, joy, anticipation, accomplishment and just an overabundance of courage to get started, I don’t know, but I know I don’t sleep much! I suppose there was also the concern in the back of my mind since I knew I wasn’t fully trained as I like to be for this distance.

4am alarm clock as normal to start getting ready. David and I text each other to make sure we were up and around. This was David’s first half marathon and I was pacing him through, step for step. It was MUCH colder than I wanted and the wind was howling, no fun in that is there?! There was much discussion about how to dress. After stepping outside for a few seconds, it was clear that I needed my tights, arm warmers and long sleeves. David picked me up at 5am and we headed to the Dallas Fair Grounds. This race started in downtown Dallas and finished at the Fair Grounds, they bussed us to the starting line. It was FREEZING in downtown. There was no place to get out of the cold and the wind was horrible. I had on my trash bag that helped a lot, but I’m cold by nature anyway
Can I ROCK a trashbag or what?

As more and more people came and gathered it helped block the wind. Great conversations started to happen. I learned about the guy in the Army who was running his second half marathon. The lady who was running her first half marathon and she wasn’t all that excited about it. Then there was the 17 year old kid who was running his 3rd annual Rock N Roll half marathon. The only part of this I didn’t care for was one lady that rubbed me the wrong way when weight loss came up. I got nothing but rotten looks after she learned I lost 100 pounds without surgery. Yes, I lost it without surgery, please don’t look at me surprised or anything, that’s the natural way. Yes, I was offended by her. I might add, she had lost over 100 pounds, but she had bypass surgery. There were several others friends I tried to connect with, but the cold and huddling sort of made that impossible.
Off to the starting corrals we go.

David and I at the starting line moments before we took off. This was taken after our corral had moved up about 5 or 6 times too get that close to the starting line.

Aaaaaaaand we’re off on the 2013 Rock N Roll Half Marathon
Miles 1-3 were 10:07, 10:06 and 9:53. I promised David I wouldn’t go faster than 9:55 and no slower than 10:15 per mile average pace so this was a nice pace, felt comfortable and I felt like it wouldn’t wear us out.
Miles 4-6 were 9:53, 10:28 and 9:50. Not sure what happened in mile 5 that slowed us down a little, but the average pave was fine. Nearly all of the course to this point was a very slow uphill climb.
Miles 7-9 were 10:05, 10:04 and 9:41. I think it was around mile 8 that I had to stop and pee, never fails, I always have to atleast once.
Miles 10-12 were 10:46, 10:31 and 9:50. About here is when most hit the wall. David was starting to have a few aches and pains about here. We walked a little bit and I talked him off the edge. Basically told him that it’s all heart from here, suck it up and run. Lol
Miles 13- end were 8:41 and 7:52 for the last surge. I felt amazing at the finish, much better than I expected to feel. Again with the free stuff! More food than the two of us could carry it seemed.

Final time was 2:11:51.  4800 out of 10,709.  436 our of 725 in my  age division and 2525 out of 4145 men.  Not my fastest by any stretch, but it was a rock solid run with a great friend!

We actually headed to the care to drop stuff off, then come back to the party. Ofcourse now we’re sweaty, wind howling and freezing. As we walked the mile back to the car, David started cramping up. I got a little worried that he wasn’t going to make it back, even asking me to drive his car!?!?! We sat and warmed up, stretched a little and decided it wasn’t worth the walk back into the party where is was freezing!
Here are a few more pictures from Race Day

David just being David. LOL

Post race after we got to the car.


Action shot running to the finish! – just out for a stroll.  🙂
This was my 10th half marathon! What an HONOR to be doing what I love …..


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