A realization from the blind side

January 26th, 2013

I had a realization today that honestly sort hit me on the blind side. That realization was this:

“we really are an obese nation”

Ok, I knew that. But for some reason it hit me today, of all places at Walmart. Standing in line to check out I looked around and just sort of got sad for a moment. 4 of every 5 people were obese.

I know it’s a very personal journey, it’s a very personal decision that every person must make or not in their own time. I also know that sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before that decision is made. But dang it, it’s still upsetting to me!!!

I just want to help people know that they can take their life back. There is no reason to suffer from obesity. I say suffer because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. It is a suffering that is completely reversible.

Then there is the other side of this equation, have we simply become so desensitized to obesity? Are we so used to this life style that we are numb to it and just get bigger? Have we really given up on our own health and our ability to change?

What about the example we are setting for our children? Does that not matter anymore? We should not be a “do as I say, not as I do” society. As a parent, my single most important role is setting the best example possible. That example encompasses everything in my life. Work ethic, they way I treat other people, the way I care for “stuff”, everything I do….or don’t do is an example to my family!

Research shows that obesity (and related diseases) kill more people every year than malnutrition does. Over 30,000 people will die this year because of obesity and related disease. STOP the madness. This is so unnecessary!!

It’s way past time for us to step up to the plate and make changes. It’s time to make lasting changes to our own health care plan. The kind of health care plan that we control ourselves. The plan where we control what food goes in our bodies. The kind of plan where we control the exercise and activity in our lives.

Your children deserve the best example possible
Your spouse deserves the best YOU possible
You deserve the best YOU possible!

If a tragic accident happened in your home, could you defend your family? If you had to physically help a family member who was injured, could you?

What if you learned to cook healthy meals? What if we stopped visiting McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants? How about a walk a day, what kind of positive energy would that generate?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Maybe it’s time we be really really honest with ourselves!

We must end this trend!

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?


4 thoughts on “A realization from the blind side

  1. Before I clicked into this post, I thought the author must not have been in a Wal-Mart lately. 😉
    It has become an obstacle course with all the motorized shopping carts, many of which are used by shoppers who seem to be handicapped only by their size.

    I am afraid that most consumers believe the advertising about the health benefits of high fructose corn syrup and are swayed by the pretty pictures on boxes of processed foods. Examples are too numerous to mention. The standard American diet is indeed SAD.

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