Sometimes life throws curve balls

Tuesday Jan. 22nd, 2013

I get asked all the time why I get up at 4am to workout.

TODAY is a perfect example of WHY I get up at 4am to workout.  I always say that workout out / my fitness is PART of WHO I am, not something ‘extra’ I do.   Getting up at 4am make that happen very clearly, oh the dedication that takes.  I have a family, sometimes things happen that force schedule changes, IF I get up early and get the workout done, nothing can get in the way of that.

Case and point – this evening my youngest daughter reminded us that she had to be at her school at 7pm.  WHAT, it was 5:45 at the time, my wife and both daughters were about 30 minutes from home at the time.  In the mean time, my oldest daughter had to be at our church at 6:30pm to volunteer at an event.  They leave for the 45 minute drive to the church. I hurry home and cook, yes, actually COOK my youngest daughter something to eat.  I met my wife and youngest on the side of the road, changed cars and off we went to the school, that was about 6:45.  We made it to the school on time and she got to read her I have a dream speech.

Talk about a few curve balls thrown into the mix at the last-minute?!?!  SHEESH.

This is one case when I’m so thankful that my wife and I are up and in the home gym by 4:40ish for our daily workouts!



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