Steps in the right direction

Dec 28th, 2012

Today is my 3rd anniversary of the day I start my journey.  I posted a before/after picture on FB with the hopes of motivating others.  I got a couple questions in my inbox today that I felt were blog worthy.  I’m sure there were others who thought about these questions, but didn’t have the nerve to ask, THAT’S OK!  I hope that by sharing this we might reach another person or two.

Here is one of the questions that I have paraphrased.  The other question was basically the same question, different words, different sex, but same basic content.

“Jerome, hey, it’s __________. How did you get yourself motivated to get started on your healthful journey? I have become obese and have zero motivation. I have no energy to even play with my kids.. All I want to do is stay at home and self medicate with food. Its been a rough road……. Got any words of encouragement for someone who can’t even face the day because they can’t fit into anything? Lol. Thanks.”

HOW can I NOT respond to that?!?!?!

Hey there – great to hear from you, you are honestly the second person to ask nearly the same question today. I’ll do the best I can to answer. IF I don’t answer….PLEASE ask again….keep coming back…use me to help you, that is my passion and drive in life really.

I was nearly morbidly obese, couldn’t walk up stairs, slept all the time at home, no energy, grumpy, useless is how I felt. Sound familiar?  The decision is very personal for everybody and sometimes I think we nearly have to hit bottom before we are ‘ready’ for the change.

First thing I would ask you to try and do is simply narrow your picture a little bit. Right now you are seeing EVERYTHING…life…children….divorce…bills…ALL of it is totally overwhelming to you. Just like the thought of you getting up and going for a walk, overwhelming to you. (I’m hitting the nail on the head, right?) Narrow your scope a little, try to change the way you look at things so that picture is not so big and overwhelming. Easier said then done and some days will be better than others I know, but that is a huge step in the right direction.

Now that we may have narrowed the picture and broken LIFE down into smaller segments, you can start to think about other areas. Your relationship with food can and will kill you, if it’s not healthy.  Our relationship with food is meant to be a healthy relationship, FUELING our body, NOT filling our body. Using food to medicate as you said is a huge problem across the country and is a very difficult battle to fight, I’m not gonna lie. It’s an addiction, right? It’s really no different than drugs. I would ask you to make ONE small change in your diet. ONE small change in how you treat and look at food. Do you plan a weekly menu or eat off the cuff? How long do you think it would take to plan a menu and only purchase the items you needed for THAT menu only? Do you buy ‘junk food’ and have it in the house? What about Soda’s? Do you drink soda? How much, is it in the house? I ask that you pick ONE item and change it. Again, not thinking BIG picture yet, think about ONE small change that you CAN do to create success. Do ONE thing that you can feel GOOD ABOUT not only for you, but for your family

Lastly – go look at your daughter….then go look in the mirror.

  • You deserve to be healthy
  • your children deserve a healthy parent
  • your children deserve to have a parent who is ALIVE
  • YOU deserve to be HAPPY
  • YOU deserve to have a body that is treated as God INTENDED…… to live, FULLY ALIVE….not abused

Sorry if this went off the deep end for you. it’s SCARY…I know…I’ve been there!

How can I help?


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