Excited/Scared all at the same time

December 26th, 2012

I started a new job today with DR Horton Homes.  Really it’s the same job I’ve done for more than a decade, on steroids.  I’ve been primarily an email engineer, until now.  Now I get to put my hands in all sorts of servers, apps, platforms, etc and get my hands as dirty as I want……………..well, as dirty as my keyboard will get them anyway.

On my way home tonight I got to thinking about my day.  I was SO excited to start this job, there are many reasons why.  I was also very nervous and honestly still am a little bit about what lies ahead.  The unknown sort of nervous, can I learn it all, can I keep motivated to learn it all, will I want to give up or keep moving forward with this adventure?

HOW ironic is it that this is EXACTLY like the journey I’ve been on for almost three years now.  When I took my health back I was excited, scared, worried, freaked out, cool, calm, collected and all of the above happened in the first hour.  🙂  HOW is it that both the journey from FAT to FIT and the journey of a new job are so relate-able?  Because both of these involve change.  Let’s face it, people don’t like change.  Change is scary.  Scared that we will fail…..scared we might not make it, just scared.

How do we know IF WE DO NOT TRY??  If we don’t try in LIFE….WORK…..FAMILY…..RELATIONSHIPS…..whatever is might be, how do we know what we can and can’t do??

Don’t be scared….just go forth and DO, you might surprise yourself at what you are really capable of.



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