Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day 2012

What a great day!

Sydney was up at 4am telling us that Santa had been here. After a quick peek at the goodies, we put her back in bed for a while without too much fight. Lol. We woke up to thunder, lightening and pouring rain. The temps were dropping steadily.

We opened our gifts one at a time per our tradition and took our time. I would have to say that we are so Blessed! The girls were so excited with each gift they opened and had smiles for hours. Chelle and I had lots of good stuff as well.

Emily with her new ukulele


Sydneys American Doll bed


Just a few pics



I’ve never gone for a run in the snow. So today I made that happen. Felt good! Not fast, just a nice wet snowy run. I met my running buddy David for a few miles together.


Did I mention it was fun?’


Yes, Christmas 2012 was excellent!


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