2 years in maintenance….and going strong!

Today is December 10th, 2010

Today marks two years since I hit the 100 pounds lost mark and I have maintained that within my 7 pound allowance either way.

I continue to care about the foods that go in my body.
I continue to challenge myself physically.
I continue to challenge others to take their life back!

To those who struggle, I say, YOU CAN DO IT! One meal at a time, one BITE at a time if that’s what it requires. Is it difficult, yes, but it’s worth every tiny little struggle we go through on this journey. NOTHING is more important than your health.

This has been an amazing two year maintenance journey to say the least. Have I been perfect, NOPE. I screw up all the time with my nutrition. The difference is that I now know how to curb those moments and get back on track. It’s a learning process, right. What are your triggers that push you to food, we all have them, we just need to learn to deal with them. There is NO short cut to a healthy lifestyle, there’s not. You achieve a healthy lifestyle by working hard at it, learning from your failures and moving forward, not giving up. What do we learn from giving up, nothing, that’s what.

The one thing that is constant in my life is fitness. I workout alot, I run alot because I LOVE that way it makes me feel. Are there mornings I have to ‘talk’ myself into getting out of bed and run, yep. Do I always feel GREAT after that run, YEP, THAT is why i keep doing it. 🙂

It’s been a fun journey, an educational journey and an inspired journey.

I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring, I have faith there are big things in the future!

2 Years Maintenance

2 Years Maintenance


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