10 Minutes a day CHALLENGE

Yesterday(11.24.2012) I posted a video blog that contains my thoughts on society’s acceptance of the ‘holiday 10 pounds.’  That video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xXmfX_Fl0Y&feature=plcp

I still say that is NOT acceptable and completely UNNECESSARY, period.    I want to take this challenge one step further.  How am I going to take this one step further you ask, well, I’m glad you did.

I believe that there are two important steps that we can ALL take for the next 36 days that will help form healthy habits for a very long time.

Two very simple steps to the 10 Minutes a day challenge:
Step 1. 10 minutes of fitness a day!
So many people use the excuse of, ‘but I don’t have time’, oh bull is my response to that!  Sure, you may not have time for a 120 minute workout, but you can make 10 minutes a day and get a short workout done.  “I don’t have time” is an excuse, not matter how we look at it and it’s time that you figure out how to remove that excuse.  Need a few ideas of short workouts to do, simply ask, there are so many things that you can do for 10 minutes that will do a body good!

Step 2. Put your fork down between bites.
So many of us eat entirely too fast because we are in a hurry(this starts with school lunch programs, but that’s a different challenge).  Putting your fork down will help train us to eat slower, which in turn will allow our body to tell the brain that we do not need more food, therefore we don’t over eat.(run on sentence big time, but you get the point)

I have created a FaceBook group called 10 Minute Challenge Group, this is an open group, and anybody can join and take part.  I don’t care what walk of life you come from, where you are at with your fitness level, if you are fit or fat, join this group and let’s all help each other.  I feel like this is an amazing way to show support for each other, help each other, hold each other accountable, etc.  Post to the group daily how you are doing with the challenge.

It’s 36 days.
36 days that can help propel you into 2013 with great momentum toward and even healthier you.
36 days toward a healthier life style.
36 days toward a healthier family

10 minutes a day can and will make a HUGE difference in your life.  Join me in this challenge and let’s make a difference in our own lives as well as others.


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AllState 13.1 Series – Half Marathon report

October 17th, 2012
AllState 13.1 Marathon Series
Dallas Texas

I’d heard a lot about this race and it got great reviews from last year here in Dallas.  I had it on the calendar forever, just wasn’t sure I really wanted to do it, THEN I saw that part of this course is the same at the Dallas Marathon course so I signed up!  I’m so glad I did too.

Temperatures dropping and I’m in a panic as to how to dress.  Do I wear tights, shorts, long sleeves, no sleeves and arm warmers, so many decisions and I was at a loss!  The night before the race was a very long night.  I’m not sure if it was due to the fact that my family was out of town, I was in a panic as to how to dress, or the fact that I was after a personal record for this half marathon.  Whatever it was, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I was up and down all night checking the clock, checking the temperature etc.

Alarm went off at 3:45am, FINALLY.  Dressed and ready for my ride to pick me up(David was driving) around 4:30am to make the drive to downtown Dallas.  I had my race bag already pack with my ‘stuff’ so I didn’t have much to do.  This race started at 7am, which I’m happy about, and I’m an EARLY arriver to races.  I do not like to sit in traffic so we were in the parking garage plenty early.  David and I just chilled in the heated garage for a while, then made a trip upstairs to the great outdoors.  BRRRR – I’m glad I decided to wear my tights and arm warmers, it was chilly, high 30’s I think.  I’m also glad I’d brought a trash bag to wear to start the race in!

Of course I met up with our group of friends before the race and catch up with them.  I’ve know some of them on FB for a while, but never met in person until that morning, that was pretty awesome!

Group photo – Who knows why Uncle Mike is pointing at his head like that?

I typically take a self-pic pre-race, cause I’m a dork like that:

The setup was super cool.  Huge stage right by the start/finish line and we started while lined up between the vendors on either side of the street.

SO here I stand with the 2hour pace group and I realize, I don’t have any gum in my mouth!  WAIT…I need gum.  Thankfully, I asked the lady infront of me who was just chomping away and she shared a piece with me.  Whew, the day was saved by a stranger.  Before too long we are off and running.  WOO HOO, beautiful day for a run!

I’m at .25 miles and I realize I didn’t turn on my runmeter to post to facebook.  Grrr, the decision was made to stop my run meter, turn ON facebook and restart runmeter again, all while running.  I did this so that my wife(specifically) could post comments during my run and they would be read to me as I ran.  I do this for every run I do and the comments REALLY help me get through.  Thanks to my wife who was in Colorado, but got up early so she could follow along and support me run via facebook.  Thanks to the many friends who also posted as I ran this race.

I was fairly focused on actually ‘racing’ this run.  I don’t race too many, but I was set on getting a PR out of this half marathon.  I started out fairly slow to get the legs warmed up.  Seeing things I hadn’t seen before was fun so I was busy checking out the view.  The course ran through the Uptown area of Dallas which I have never spent much time in so that was really cool.  I saw a friend Paul go flying by me, so I sped up to run with him for a little bit.  We did a fist bump, chatted a little and he left me in his dust!  It was fun to run with him for a little while though.

I knew the first 7 miles or so of the run were mostly uphill so I planned accordingly.  I admit I do obese about the course most of the time.  Even if I’m not really ‘racing’ I know the course pretty well most of the time.

Miles 1 – 3 are as follows, 9:08, 8:47 and 8:23
Miles 4 – 6 were 8:35, 8:49 and 8:49
Miles 7 – 9 were 8:50, 8:32 and 8:30
Miles 10- 13 were 8:37, 8:19, 8:20 and 8:29 while the remaining .23 of a mile was 7:19

Once I hit mile 7 I kicked it up a notch since I knew I had a large downhill stretch on the Katy Trail heading toward the American Airlines Center.  There were several of us basically running in a pack at this point, which was fun.  I’ve really grown to enjoy a group run.  The difference really was that they didn’t walk through water stops like I do.  Every race I run, I stop and get water, not that Gatorade stuff, and walk a few steps while I get a drink.  I learned that I can’t drink and run at the same time without wearing most of the water.  LOL

We came down off the Katy Trail and headed back into downtown Dallas.  This was pretty cool for me because part of this route was a route I walked a lot when I was in my weight loss phase.  Pretty cool memories along this section thinking that I’d come along way baby.  🙂  Then we made a left turn into Ross Avenue and headed east toward the finish line.  Oh crap was the thought in my head, a significant hill at the finish, so not funny!  They did have a ‘king of the hill’ contest to see who could sprint up the hill at the end the fastest.  I was NOT part of that race, lol.  I remember a comment from my wife at this point of the race that made me laugh out loud.  She said something about, “you are going to blow your PR away”  When my runmeter read that to me, it said ‘you are going to blow your Puerto Rico away’.  That made me laugh as I fought my way up that hill.

After coming up the hill and rounding the corner, the finish line was within sight infront of the Performing Arts Center.  I could see my friends cheering me on as I kicked it up another notch to finish stronger than I started!  Karen got a couple really good pictures, here is one of them.

I bought a few professional pictures take at this race, which I don’t always do.

This of course is my finisher photo:

And this is my favorite photo I think I’ve ever had taken during a race:

What you can’t see in this picture is that I am pointing at the clock.  I love this picture! I was pointing at the clock because I had run a personal record race and I felt absolutely amazing.  My official time was 1:53:45 chip time.  My previous PR was 1:58:59.  I was 84th out of 176 in my age group and I was the 407th man to cross the finish line and the 554th person to cross the line.  Speaking of finish line, I got a really cool medal:

One of the friends I’d met before the race was Uncle Mike.  Not really my uncle, but I call him that anyway.  Mike and I met on facebook after learning of his own successful weight loss journey.  Between the two of us we have lost 235 pounds, that’s pretty cool.  Uncle Mike ran a PR for this race as did Kevin.

I thought the elevation chart off my garmin was pretty cool so I’ve added it below”

I was also fairly impressed with my heart rate, however I’m sure some will say I could have ran harder and honestly, they are probably right.

Great Run – Great day!







As I’m working to avoid the “negative” today, I’m listening to positive video’s on YouTube.

Art Williams and his ‘Just Do It’ speech is a favorite for me, I listen to it often and it fires me up!  Below is a small portion of the speech that I listened to over and over this morning and I wanted to share.

Almost everybody in America “almost” does enough to win
they “almost” get there
they “almost” over the hump
they “almost” have it going
they “almost” in everything they do
“almost” is a way of life to almost everybody in America…..
…..but the winners do it
they do whatever it takes to get the job done
they do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done

Friends…..I challenge all of us to DO IT and DO IT and DO IT and DO IT……whatever IT is DO IT until the job gets done!  NEVER GIVE UP