Capital to Coast Journey Begins

October 4th, 2012

Ever felt like a 7 year old child on the night before Christmas??  Of course you have at least once in your life, right?!  The excitement, anticipation, the build up, the ‘unknown’, all wound up in one little package that is about to burst.

THAT is exactly how I feel today!!

Today begins the journey that really started some 8 months ago, I can’t even remember when we started this adventure to be honest.  The Capital to Coast relay is THIS WEEKEND!!  Team Texas Toast is made up of 12 friends, 2 vans, 223 miles and loads of fun.

I say 12 friends, I know some of the team very well, people like Nancy, Lynette, John and Nicholas.  I’ve met and had coffee with JoPa.  The others I’ve never met in person, but oddly enough, I feel that I already know them.  We have Marines, retirees and former school classmates from California to PA and many points in between.  I am looking forward to forging stronger relationships and building new ones all at the same time.

Team Texas Toast is ready to run!  Let’s DO THIS!



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