3 year anniversary – a special race (Too Hot to Handle)

Too Hot to Handle
July 15th, 2012
White Rock Lake, Dallas TX
Norbuck Park

This is a special race for me!  Three years ago today I ran my very first 5K road race, EVER!  I remember that day pretty well.  I met some special friends that day, I’d lost 88 pounds at the time and my time was 32:04.  This was an emotional day for me honestly.  The memories of the first race and every race since then were flooding my brain throughout the run.  I had my run meter connected to FaceBook so I could hear encouraging comments while I ran.  John (whom I’ve known for 14 years or so) posted on my status “Kill it my friend, Thanks for inspiring me to change”.  This was just past mile 1 that he posted that.  Those words had me in tears as I ran…..”Thanks for inspiring me to change”.  I remember thinking, he really gets it, and he understands the change.  I told ya it was an emotional day.  J (John has lost at least 40 pounds since I last saw him at a concert in March(I think)) 

Who would have ever thought that I would be running races and having so much fun, not me?  I’m grateful for the ability to do it though.  I’m grateful for the circle of runner friends I’ve developed while doing so.  I’ve developed great friends like Coach Nancy.  If you’ve met her, you know what I’m talking about when I say she is one of the most caring and inspiring people I’ve ever met.  I met Nancy three years ago at my first 5K and we’ve been friends ever since.   Nancy I appreciate you and your friendship.


Race time was 7:30am, but I knew parking at Norbuck Park would be a mess, so I’d asked my buddy David to pick me up around 5am.  I’ve always been an early arriver, part of that is just for the social aspect the other part is that I just don’t like traffic much.  I slept really well the night before, despite not getting a lot of rest the entire week. 

We arrived at White Rock Lake, Norbuck Park around 5:30ish and just really took our time getting around.  It was a beautiful morning and thankfully the humidity had dropped significantly overnight.  Brian Cooper showed up not long after we arrived.  Brian was also there for my first 5K so it was great to see him at the race as I hadn’t seen him in a while.  We met Nancy and Shawn(her husband) to simply catch up and chat a while.  Finally, after much anticipation and several text messages, Shelly arrived.   Of course there was a group photo taken to document the occasion.

 That is David, me, Brian, Nancy and Shelly.

Much discussion about race plans, in the photo Lord only KNOWS what was happening.  HA

I’m sure it was good, whatever it was.  Lol

The Welborns were there as well.  I’ve known this family for about a year and greatly appreciate their friendship!

This is Gary and Taylor pre-race.  (Taylor did manage to get her D-tag on her shoe)

My buddy David has run the last few races with me; today he ran the 5k while I conquered the 15k.

Time to line up and get ready to run.  This is a fairly large race which is always fun and a challenge at the same time.  I did to a very short run to get the blood going and stretch before the gun sounded.  It took several minutes to get to the start line since I like to start near the back.  Finally we were off and I was feeling pretty good.  The race ran my favorite side of the lake(the flat side) and had great cloud cover off and on.  I have a little chat with Shelly, Gary and Nancy as I ran past each of them during the run, love seeing people I know when doing these events.

My per mile times were as follows:

Mile 1-3 were 8:59, 9:06 and 8:55.  I wanted to start around a 9:15 pace, but the adrenaline took over I guess.  I felt good though.  There was lots of weaving at this point of the race passing other runners, walkers, etc.

Mile 4-6 were 8:55, 8:51 and 8:49.  All sub 9 min miles, not bad for a recovering fat guy, right.  LOL   At this point I was probably talking to those around me some, I usually do.

Mile 9-end were 8:42, 8:38 and 8:26 and the last bit was 8:06.  I started having some cramping in my right butt cheek down to my right knee at mile 7 which was annoying to say the least!  I looked at the guy next to me and said “Two miles left, let’s finish this”.  You can tell by my pace that I picked it up a little.  As I came to the corner right before the finish line, David was there yelling at me.  Not sure what he was saying as I had my music on, but he ran in with me encouraging me to kick it in gear.  I know better than to do this, but I did it anyway.  Gotta put on a show, right.  J  My final pace per mile on my Garmin was 8:49 to finish as my 2nd fastest 15K to date.  I am thrilled with the run and the way I felt.  My heart rate averaged 161 bpm, but did top out at 180 near the end, a tad higher than I like it for long term, but I’ll work on that.

Officially I was 331 place overall(3000 or so runners).  50th place in my age group (40-44), there were 91.  My splits were 5K 28:13, 10K 56:22 Time was 1:23:07.  I’ll TAKE IT!!

My friend Karen got a great picture near the finish.

That’s my buddy David next to me screaming at me.  LOL

Over all this was a fantastic day!





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