DRC Bloomin 4 mile race report

June 2nd, 2012
White Rock Lake, Dallas TX
Dallas Running Club
Bloomin 4 Mile

I don’t run many shorter distances but I was really looking forward to this run!

I was up at 4:45am ( I know, I slept in, slacker! 🙂 ) to start getting ready and get my body to move and groove a little. I started the day on my PVC roller, I love what that thing does for me. I went through my normal stretches to get my low back, hammies, quads and calves somewhat functional(some days it takes more than others). I then made my energy drinks and got dressed.

My buddy David picked me up at 6am and we were off to my favorite lake in Dallas. It was a beautiful morning and the lake was like glass, simply beautiful to say the least. We got our bibs and then started on a little warm up walk. Lynette was working the tabe with our bibs on it and it’s always good to see her. I was even happier to see that she was empty handed and had NOTHING for me this time, LOL! (there is a story there, but it’ll wait) I Love getting to races early enough to actually get some blood moving really well in my legs, it felt great. We walked about a mile and a half out and ran part way back. On the walk out, my friends Mimi and Kevin came by so they walked and talked with us for a while.

We ran a little way back to the starting line, hit the porta pots and found another friend or two. Sometimes I think that’s why I run, to see my friends, LOL! Always good to see Shelly and her son Alex at races too!

I honestly didn’t have any expectations for this race. My hammies have been really tight and I sometimes have trouble getting them to loosen up. We all shared some good laughs before we headed to the starting line.

It’ TIME….time to line up~! Typically I start in the back, it always makes me feel good to get to pass a few other runners. Today however, we lined up about 5 feet from the start line, what was I thinking?! There we were, Lynette, David and I up there with the faster runners.
And we’re off – literally off and running faster than I typically would, but I felt good.

mile 1 was a 7:54 pace on my garmin. I ran with Lynette for about .75 miles and it was faster than the pace shows on my garmin, I realized i couldn’t keep that up so I slowed, or so I thought and watched the speed demon run off into the distance….bye Lynette. 🙂

mile 2 was the same at 7:54 pace. I was just holding steady for this mile trying hard to stay relaxed and focusing on my breathing.

mile 3 was 8:15. Mile 3 was slower because I had to run up that dawg gone hill that I hate at the lake. It’s this only part of the lake I don’t care for, coming off the bridge that bounces with every step to face this hill, it’s almost depressing really. lol.

mile 4 was 8:04. Again I was simply trying to relax and push to the end. I could have been faster this mile, but I did stop at the water station to get a few sips of water.

I shocked myself honestly! I have NO CLUE I could ever run this fast for four miles. I felt good when I finished and had a great sense of accomplishment! My official time was 32:33 earning me 11th place in my age group. I literally laughed out loud when I found out where I placed. I laughed because I am alway right in the middle, and yes, this race was no different. I ran my best race to date and yet I was 11th out of 24 men. HA. That’s OK though, I beat myself! Last year my time was 35:01 for the same race on the same course, I WIN!

Ofcourse there were some pictures taken:
Me and my buddy David pre race

There is my friend Shelly

And Lynette

Me and David post race

and just because I’m a goofball!

and a nice shot of the lake

Great day
Great Run!


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