Take time to Reflect

I’m working on a questionnaire right now that I’ve been asked to complete.  This is for a national media campaign about weight loss and success stories.  I still get a little uncomfortable thinking of myself as a success story, but I’m getting more used to it.  This survey is very very detailed by nature and I’m trying to be as transparent as possible. 

Being transparent means that I’m really having to reflect on how I lived life before my transformation.  What did I eat, how did it make me feel, how did it affect my relationships,  how did I feel emotional because of my weight, etc.  I am having to think back to my meal plans, what was my nutrition like back then?  If I were only going back a few years, it would be easier, however, I am going back 15 years or so, that’s tougher.

I told my wife last night after I started this survey that I’ve done this reflection a number of times, it doesn’t get easier with time.  It’s an emotional journey every single time.  I suppose it gets healthier each time I do it though so I probably need to continue to reflect from time to time, right?

Reflection is so important to all of us.  Reflection is a reminder of where we came from, regardless of the journey, the reflection time is important.

Today, take time to reflect on your life.


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