Gotcha Day letter to Sydney 2012

7 years ago God gave us you
Your eyes so bright
Your smile so sweet
I’m so very thankful that God gave us you!

Sydney – it’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years already.  It seems like only yesterday that we arrived in Nanning China to meet face to face for the very first time.  Those oh so curious big beautiful eyes will, I will never forget them. 

Your first words when we met I think were JieJie as you looked at Emily.  You already knew she was your older sister, simply melted my heart to hear you say that.  Very close behind that, you met your best friend in the world, LieLie.  Aunt Lori had looked long and hard for the PERFECT animal to give you and she hit the nail on the head.  You took one look at this sheep we had sitting on the bed and you were fast friends.  You said, ‘LieLie’ and gave her a hug.  This picture was taken shortly after that I think.

You are a blessing in SO many ways.  Each day is a new adventure and the joy you bring our home is amazing.  Hearing you laugh at one of your favorite TV shows, sitting on your comfy place in your room reading and even watching your personality blossom are all Blessings and I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch you grow. 

You are a loyal, loving, caring, giving person who often thinks of others first, I pray you always keep THAT attitude and never let that go.

You are amazing Sydney Faith and I love you with every fiber in my heart.

I am SO very thankful that God gave us YOU!

This picture was taken on New Years Eve 2011.


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