Letter to Emily – Gotcha Day 5-13-2012

11 years ago today, we were in China on one of the most important mission of our lives.

We were on a mission to bring you home!  Very excited, very scared, very nervous, but we were there and ready for our family to start growing.  Little did we know all the changes that would really begin that day.

We were blessed with an amazing little girl that day.  She was scared, unsure what was happening and very curious about everything going on around her.  This little girl is growing up so fast, too fast really.  She is growing into a beautiful young lady, very talented, athletic, artistic, gifted and overall an amazing person.

Watching you grow, and having the opportunity to guide you is a honor! 

Remembering a time when you were still a small toddler, walking out of our bedroom with my shorts pulled up under your armpits, we all laughed so hard.  SO SWEET!  I could go on and on with the memories, but I won’t.

Seeing your friendships develop over time, knowing that you are picking friends who are of great character, not just popular is rather amazing.  Knowing that your character is growing and shaping into an amazing young woman, wow, how amazing, what an honor to watch and be a part.

 I am looking forward to seeing where this journey called life takes you.  I believe there are amazing things in store for you.  God has given you amazing talents, I pray daily that those talents are used for the benefit of yourself and others.  I pray that you will embrace the love of Jesus in your heart and hold that dear to your forever.

I am very proud of you Emily. 

This picture was taken the day we got home and is STILL one of my favorite pictures of you.

This is a recent picture.  You were amazing the day we brought you home and you’re even more amazing today.

I love you and I’m proud to be your Daddy!


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