Dear Evil Twin

Dear Evil Twin,

                I’m writing this letter to you, my evil twin, because I have a few things that I need to say to you.  Please understand that I call you my evil twin with all due respect.  J  As a reference, I am including a picture so there is no confusion as to who I am talking to.


I wanted to write and finally tell you THANK YOU.  I feel like I owe you that for teaching me so many things about myself.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for teaching me that I have the ability to change.  I really didn’t think I could for a long time.  So many times I settled for the way things were.  I now realize that I do have the power to change.  I did not have to settle for life as I had come to know it.  I did not have to settle for the life I was leading for myself or my family.  It was a difficult lesson that took me a while to learn, but I did learn it and I say thank you.

Because I learned that I can change, I also learned that I must live my life with intention.  Most of the time when I lived in your body, I wasn’t intentional at all.  You see, when I lived inside your body, the only things I did by intention were eat and sleep, usually in that order.  I didn’t pay any attention to what I was eating, how much I was eating or even when I was eating for that matter.  I’ve learned a great deal about being intentional with everything I do, because I’ve also learned that everything I do matters. 

Thank you for the lesson that everything I do matters and that everything I do counts.  This lesson that everything matters is a great life lesson that I needed to learn.  There are people watching my every move.  These people may be co-workers, family, friends, but the most important eyes that are watching are those that belong to my daughters.  I now know that everything I do matters to them. They are taking everything in around them.  They are learning from the habits that I follow today.  These are healthy habits for the most part and I owe that to you, my evil twin for teaching me that lesson.

Another great lesson I’ve learned is about my relationship with food.  I never viewed food as a fuel for my body before.  I now know so much more about what I put in my body and I owe that to you as well.  Food is now a fuel for my body and I pay attention to everything I put in my mouth.  I still enjoy what I eat, and even indulge from time to time.  It is the perspective from which my mindset comes from that is different now.  I’ve also learned that as a once extremely picky eater, that I can be reformed also.  I’ve tried more foods, fruits, vegetables in the last two years than I would have ever imagined.

I’ve learned what real endorphins are and I’m in love with them.  J   As a runner, I can honestly say I’ve had that 100% natural high of the endorphin rush.  That has to be one of the greatest natural feelings on the planet.  You have also helped me find my real passion.   I have the honor and privilege of helping others achieve their own goals with health and wellness.  This is a passion I would not have known had it not been for you, my evil twin, for that I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I truly embrace the lessons that you have taught me.  I own each of these lessons mentioned above.  I will forever be grateful to you my evil twin.  However, I don’t want you to be offended when I say you are no longer welcome in my life.  I mean, you will always be a part of my life.  I can’t change that fact.  What I really mean to say is that I don’t care to ‘see you’ again.  You were my life for too long, I know that now and I’ve changed, a lot.



PS – a quick note to my current and future self – I commit to maintaining this healthy lifestyle for my family, my friends and most of all, myself.



The more I read, the more I like it!

I mean, I use it and have for a month.  The shakes are very filling.  Much better than I originally thought they were.

They are filling
I can put just about anything I want IN them to mix it up a little.

  • coffee
  • peanut butter
  • ice
  • strawberries
  • pineapple
  • mint extract
  • water
  • coconut water
  • bananas

just to name a few way’s I’ve tried them.

I’ve noticed that I have more energy when I drink Shakeology for breakfast.  I’m not as hungry mid morning, cravings seem to be gone.

I recommend everybody check them out!

Only $4 a shake, that’s awesome!

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Date: March 25th, 2012
Event: Rock and Roll Marathon Series Dallas
Race Length: Half Marathon – my 6th

I have to start this blog by going back to my training run on 3.18.2012. I did a 10 mile training run that was the worst run I’ve had in a very long time. I ran the service roads in my area, like I do a lot when I need a nice long run with some hills. I didn’t push my pace as it was probably around 9:40ish per mile or so. When I finished my run, my legs hurt so bad, I honestly did not think I would even finish this Half Marathon.
So, I did what I do, I kept training, kept pushing myself since I have the will, I had to find a way. (I rarely taper for half marathon’s anymore BTW). I spent time with my roller. Not just any roller, not your typical foam roller, my 4” PVC pipe roller. I use this because it’s hard and goes deep enough into the belly of the muscle and works! I rolled twice a day for 20 minutes or so each time.

Fast forward to the weekend and I’m READY to run! My family had a great day Saturday at a golf event with my oldest daughter, then we went to the Rock and Roll Health and wellness Expo. We had a great time at the expo searching for bargains and checking out new things. I made a video for GotChocolateMilk as a recovery, that I’ll be asking everybody to vote for as soon as I get the email about it. My daughter and I took a picture together in front of the green screen. The funny thing about this is that we were both wearing green shirts. I thought it was funny.

Fast forward to Sunday morning.
I was up at 4am to start getting ready. Typical stuff, quick shower and then I rolled for a while! Oh I love my roller, have I mentioned that.  Since I knew there would be large crowds and I do not like sitting in traffic, I left the house just after 5am for Dallas Fair Park. This was the finish line and we were bused over to the starting line. I relaxed in the car for a while, watching traffic pick up before my very eyes, thankful I was early.
I met a very nice lady named Joyce on the bus to the start village in downtown Dallas. We made small talk and I learned it was her first half marathon as a walker, and she was excited! I was excited for her of course. In the course of the conversation I learned she is 65 years old and had lost 75 pounds. She lost her husband years ago and they used to do 5k’s together a lot, her husband enjoyed the tech shirts he got from the races. I shared my story and then I spread the SPARK and told her about Spark People.

So now I am downtown at City Hall before day break and it is absolutely beautiful. I could feel a great day in the air and loved that feeling. I was really taken by how beautiful it was.

I found a spot to start warming up my legs again, then started texting Michelle who is a fellow SparkPeople member and we wanted to meet. I had a really nice warmup time and stretching to get my legs ready. Michelle had found me by now and we were getting to know one another more, then Kim walked up as well. Kim is another SparkPeople member who I was meeting for the first time. I love meeting SparkPeeps in person that brings me joy. Here is a picture of the three of us.

Finally it’s time to get lined up. There were nearly 12,000 runners for this race so it was fairly crowded. I was lined up in corral number 8 and you will never believe who was also in my corral?!? Elvis was in my corral. Pfft, who knew?!
This is a picture of the crowd in front of me before we started:

It took me about 20 minutes from my starting position to get to the start line because there were so many people.
Finally, we’re off. The course took us downtown Dallas to the grassy knoll where President Kennedy was assassinated, that was kind of cool to run down that area.
Mile 1-3 were 9:35, 10:00 and 9:38 pace per mile respectively. This was the ‘worst’ part of the course really. The scenery wasn’t all that great.
Miles 4-6 were 10:26, 9:33 and 9:49. I felt like I was right on target for what I wanted to try to do. I was feeling pretty good, not pushing the pace too much because I knew it was nearly all uphill for the first 7 miles. I hate it, but I had to stop at mile 4 and take a bio break, ugh. My legs don’t do that well. The scenery was beautiful though, sometimes I’d get caught up looking around and forget I was running. LOL
Miles 7-9 were 9:38, 9:30 and 9:14 per mile. Mile 7.5 is where the uphill climb stopped, thankfully! Somewhere around mile 7 we ran right past RunON, which is my favorite running store in Dallas.
Miles 10-12 were 9:00, 9:09 and 8:47 per mile. I remember thinking to myself that my plan had worked. I was able to go slow on the uphill climb, then speed up after that point. I felt good at this point too! This was the same route I ran on my first marathon with Nicholas, so thoughts of my bro came to mind and helped push me speed.
Miles 13-13.1 were 9:00 and 8:24 for the last little bit. I remember thinking as I entered the fair grounds that I was almost done. They had the finish line as far back as they could possibly get! We ran nearly all the way around the Cotton Bowl. I had stopped at the last water and walked through it just like I do every time I run a race, then something new happened. My calf muscles decided to start cramping, ugh, thankfully it was less than a mile or so from the finish line.
All in all, I surprised myself beyond belief! Here are my stats from the run

That time still blows me away. My 6th half marathon and it’s my 3rd fastest time over all. I have to give credit to my roller for helping heal my legs the week before the race. I also give credit to my family and friends for posting comments as I ran that encouraged me to keep running strong. Seeing my wife and daughters at the finish line, priceless.
The after party was a hit as well. James Durbin from played and well, he durbinrocked!

The bling